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What is the PRP?

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The Polish Psychotherapy Council – Federation of Associations – is an organisation of associations which accredit psychotherapy training centres and/or provide psychotherapy training themselves. It was registered in the National Court Register under the number 0000739800. Currently, it associates 17 organisations having the status of ordinary members. 4 more organisations are in the application process.

The Polish Psychotherapy Council has been a forum for psychotherapists and their organizations for over 12 years. In 2018, a decision was made to formally register the Council in the form of a federation of associations. This was an extremely important step, giving the Council the opportunity to undertake a wider spectrum of activities for the benefit of psychotherapy in Poland. It was also a result of meetings and discussions in the Ministry of Health.

The main tasks of the PRP

  1. Taking care of the status and legitimacy of the profession of a psychotherapist.
  2. Supporting the development of psychotherapy in Poland.
  3. Developing and consulting draft legislative solutions concerning the training and certification of psychotherapists and the provision of psychotherapy.
  4. Representation of common interests of the psychotherapists’ community in contacts with state and international institutions and other organizations.
  5. Sharing experiences related to the training and certification of psychotherapists and the way of practising psychotherapy.
  6. Creation, development and promotion of rules and standards concerning the profession of a psychotherapist and practising psychotherapy.
  7. Initiating and supporting activities with a view to the well-being and safety of clients/patients using psychotherapeutic services.
  8. Informing interested groups about the work carried out in the field of psychotherapy.

The objectives and principles of the Council’s operation were defined by representatives of various organisations as early as 2007. In 2018 they were confirmed and expanded in the Articles of the Federation of Associations. In view of the overriding goal, which is the cooperation of various organizations (representing the whole spectrum of psychotherapy approaches in Poland), the possibility of membership was guaranteed both to societies and associations, as well as sections of associations with psychotherapists as members.

In the opinion of the Polish Psychotherapy Council it is extremely important to ensure wide access to psychotherapy provided by people who have completed a comprehensive training in psychotherapy and hold a psychotherapist’s certificate for all patients experiencing mental health problems. This is every patient’s fundamental right.  The Polish Council of Psychotherapy – Federation of Associations – sees the need to unify ministerial provisions on psychotherapeutic approaches, so that the catalogue includes psychoanalytical, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, humanistic-experiential, systemic and integrative psychotherapy methods.

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[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Sekcja Naukowa Psychoterapii Polskiego Towarzystwa Psychiatrycznego”]Sekcja Naukowa Psychoterapii Polskiego Towarzystwa Psychiatrycznego[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Sekcja Psychoterapii Polskiego Towarzystwa Psychologicznego”]Sekcja Psychoterapii Polskiego Towarzystwa Psychologicznego[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
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[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Instytut Studiów Psychoanalitycznych im. Hanny Segal”]Instytut Studiów Psychoanalitycznych im. Hanny Segal[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth][one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Polskie Towarzystwo Terapii Poznawczo-Behawioralnej”]Polskie Towarzystwo Terapii Poznawczo-Behawioralnej[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=” Polskie Towarzystwo Integracyjnej Psychoterapii Doświadczeniowej i Edukacji Społecznej Stowarzyszenie Intra”] Polskie Towarzystwo Integracyjnej Psychoterapii Doświadczeniowej i Edukacji Społecznej Stowarzyszenie Intra[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologii Procesu”]Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologii Procesu[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Polskie Stowarzyszenie Psychoterapeutów i Praktyków Psychologii Procesu”]Polskie Stowarzyszenie Psychoterapeutów i Praktyków Psychologii Procesu[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Polskie Stowarzyszenie Neuro-Lingwistycznej Psychoterapii”]Polskie Stowarzyszenie Neuro-Lingwistycznej Psychoterapii[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Polskie Towarzystwo Psychoanalityczne”]Polskie Towarzystwo Psychoanalityczne[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologii Analitycznej”]Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologii Analitycznej[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Instytut Integralnej Psychoterapii Gestalt”]Instytut Integralnej Psychoterapii Gestalt[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth][one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Instytut Psychologii Zdrowia”]Instytut Psychologii Zdrowia[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Sekcja Psychoterapii Stowarzyszenia Psychologów Chrześcijańskich”]Sekcja Psychoterapii Stowarzyszenia Psychologów Chrześcijańskich[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Instytut Analizy Grupowej Rasztów”]Instytut Analizy Grupowej Rasztów[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Polskie Towarzystwo Psychoterapii Integratywnej”]Polskie Towarzystwo Psychoterapii Integratywnej[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Koło Warszawskie Psychoanalizy”]Koło Warszawskie Psychoanalizy[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text=”Krakowskie Koło Psychoanalizy Nowej Szkoły Lacanowskiej”]Krakowskie Koło Psychoanalizy Nowej Szkoły Lacanowskiej[/tooltip][/responsive][/one_fifth]
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