The Polish Psychotherapy Council is a voluntary agreement between the Societies or their sections which accredit or offer training for psychotherapists in Poland. From 2018 its a federation of associations registered by Polish Commercial Court under no KRS: 0000739800.

The participation of the numerous psychotherapeutic associations in civil consultations on the behalf of the project of an act concerning certain medical professions (psychotherapy among them) organized by the Ministry of Health provided a direct incentive for its creation.

The Polish Psychotherapy Council  was constituted by founder members (representatives of the training and/or certifying organizations for psychotherapists), who signed a collectively written letter to the Ministry of Health concerning the project of the aforementioned act (the list of the founder members is in the attachment).

Since then the Council has been actively participating in projects which aim at the legislation of psychotherapy in Poland, and has worked out its own documents and suggestions on this subject.